Is it possible to model this model in Rhino?

What is the best tool for modeling the following model you see in the image? Can Rhino handle it without any SubD plug-ins(just Nurbs)?

I’m pretty sure you can do anything without SubD. Since SubD makes use of Nurbs, whatever you can create with SubD you can do with Nurbs. Just not that quickly I guess.

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Take a look at Zbrush hard surface moddeling.
To me the hardest part isn’t moddeling it bit by bit in nurbs, but to dynamically design it while it evolves, and there zbrush has the advantage over any other approach IMO.

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Blender with machinetools and similar plug-ins would also be a potential route

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Here’s a link to some similar objects from the Gallery:

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Totally possible. This 3d model does not look complex. What’s complex is how to assemble all those parts inside Rhino, complete with a skeleton and inverse kinematics. The modeling itself is a piece of cake.

The best tools to use are time and patience.

I don’t see anything in there that could not be modeled in Rhino. Many of the thin parts will have to be modeled from both sides.

I think that with any NURB-based editor, something like a realistic human face would seem difficult, which is why I want to make one.

Probably would rough it out in something quick like zbrush, then trace over your mesh, refining with Nurbs in Rhino (that is if you actually need the nurbs, are you going to manufacture it?, if not why not just go mesh, render engines are going to render the render mesh version of the nurbs surface anyway).