Changing Va Plan View Boundaries

Is there a way to do this with an existing Va PLan View, or does one need to create a new plan view?

You can activate the control points of the plan view and edit its boundary. But this only works if you want to keep the same boundary shape.

I also often have to adjust my zoom a bit in and out to see the control points.

This does not work for me. Please see the gif below. Try my most recently uploaded project if you need to investigate. You can see that gumball editing doesn’t work either, and neither does stretch. ctr-shift select doesn’t generate any points either.

Hi, you can find the control points of plan views on the real area they represent.

Plan Views can’t be scaled (or streched) since they are blocks. (Rhino blocks can be scaled, but after that they can’t be edited anymore)

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Ah. Thanks.