VisualARQ auto-update, control grip points

Two questions regarding plan view and auto-update features in VA 2.11

  1. although the Auto Update box is unchecked, plans will auto update when the grip points are moved.
    -Can we turn-off all plan and section update calculations while changes are being made to the layout? It would be nice to turn this off globally, in a similar way that the GHX solver works.

  2. The image below shows a grid I constructed to manage section and plan views from a linked model; blue lines show the relationship between my grid lines. I modified the plan area for C2 to be a bit more narrow, and you can see where the placed plan was moved up, and to the right a little.
    -Is this supposed to happen this way?

Hello @kevin3,

You are right, I have already added this issues to our bug list with your vote.

I’m not sure if I am understanding your request. Detail views in layouts show what you have in the 3d model, so if the 3d model doesn’t update, the layout will not update either. If you want to update only the 3d model and see these changes directly in the layout without having to use Section/Plan views, you can use the Hidden display mode and place the 3d model in the Detail view (take a look to this video: VisualARQ 2.0: Hidden-Line Vector output 2D drawings in Rhino - YouTube)

I think this is a bug, could you send me your file to

Hi @alfmelbev , I was not so clear with my question but you provided a solution!
Previously, I was viewing the placed sections and plans in Layouts; if I wanted to update a Layout, I needed to _vaUpdate the VisualARQ object in the Layout. In that tutorial, I learned how to use the Level Manager to and Hidden display mode to control the visibility of my 3D model directly in the Detail.
What a time saver!

Questions about auto update are resolved for me.

I cc’d visualarq@asuni, referencing this thread, when reporting a different crash bug to Enric; that file demonstrates the bug shown in my image (above).

Thanks for everything and I will look forward to see the results in future releases.

Hi @kevin3,

Nice! Feel free to write us for any further doubts or suggestions.

Ok, I could reproduce it now. I have just added this issue to our bug list, I’ll let you know when it is ready. About the crash, it looks like it will be solved for the next release.

Hi @kevin3 ,

We have officially released VisualARQ 2.11.1, which fixes this error you reported here. VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.11.1 released

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