Rhino 7 Licensing Window Mac

I have a Boot Camped MacBook Pro running Rhino 7 in Windows. If I install Rhino 7 on the Mac side can I use the same license for Rhino 7 for Mac?

Yes, and No
Your Bootcamped Mac will be recognized as 2 different computers.

If your license is in your Personal License list in your login account, then it can automatically jump back and forth between your “2 computers”.

Hi John,
I don’t have any trouble with the “jump back and forth between” the Windows side and another Windows machine where I have a licensed copy. That works fine. But it may be a moot point.

This laptop is a mid 2012 mb pro running High Sierra 10.13.6, 2.3 Ghz I7, 8 G, GeForce GT 650M. For what I do it’s fine on the Windows side. My work doesn’t require that much processing power.
But, as you know but I didn’t know, R7 requires Mojave minimum. I keep getting upgrade to Mojave notice from Apple. But from my reading in the Apple forum it’s not clear that it’s a good idea to upgrade this Mac any further. I can always use my Windows machines for running Rhino. I just thought it would be convenient to work totally in the Mac.

I’ve noticed in the past that you use/used Macs. Do you have any particular sense/opinion about the upgrade for this computer?