Changing the dimensions/resizing/scaling

Hello Gentlemen, newbie here, trying to understand how to operate in Rhino, had some small designs in FreeCad, want to move on Rhino.

I’m having difficulty in resizing/changing the dimensions. I’m searching the how to for 2 hours, couldnt find anything.

I made the design, saved and closed Rhino, printed a 3D model and noticed that a part has to be changed. I need to rescale it by adding 2mm for each side and make it thicker. I cant go back in history to make the changes, what sould I do ? I also want to resize the the hole, but i cant apply the DeleteHole command, what is the reason of it ?

I just made a simple drawing to show what i mean and attached the 3dm file

Thanks for your help in advance.

<img src="//" width=“618” height="387”>

Example.3dm (201.0 KB)

You could use MoveFace and move the side faces out 2mm, or use SolidPtOn to turn on the control points for the solid, then window around the 4 points and move them out 2mm.

There are no parameters to change like a parametric solid modeler.
Rhino is a non-paramertic surface modeler.

Thank you for the reply John, I will try them. Seems that Rhino is not suitable for me, have to find something else.