Rescaling and sizes

Hi - is there a way of quickly editing an object’s size ? In Vectorworks for example one can simply type and amend the length and width of a shape in object properties.

Is there a way of doing this in rhino ?

Also - is there way of scaling by distance typing in “current distance” and “new distance” or is Scale 1D /2D /3D the only way of doing rescaling?


If I understand your first question, no. Rhino is not a parametric modeler so there is no stored parameter you can modify to change the constraining length, width, or height of an existing object.

The scale command have a “reference point” option that lets you graphically pick two lengths (presumably using osnaps on objects) so the scale factor is calculated for you.
The Help video snippets should show how that works if you can’t figure it out by experimenting.