Changing rotation axis of a personalised form


I wanted to ask for some help for this problem that I honestly cannot figure out…and I think that the solution will be a but silly but I don’t see it haha.

I tried to do it and with normal geometries it works, but when I want to apply the same logic to my personalised form which is a “leaf” it just doesn’t work.

The way is now the axis is rotating at the middle point, but I want it at the “start” of the leaf:

The way it is now:


What I’m trying to achieve:

If someone can give me and advice or help me with this matter I will be eternally grateful. I attach the GH file. (50.9 KB)

FIA (14.2 KB)

Hi @blancadlf23,

It looks like you forgot to “internalize” some of your input data in the gh-definition:

// Rolf

You’re right! Thank you, I just change the definition :slight_smile:

Ouch. This is a painful model to work with because it’s SO SLOW, due in part to having so many subsurfaces (20 X 130 = 2,600). So the first thing I wanted to do was reduce the “resolution” to 20 X 30, just to explore the model with better responsiveness. But that won’t work here because it appears you have fifteen Series components driven by lists of numbers in text panels connected to Item components (with wrap=true). This generates results that are not parametric since their number far exceeds the 600 inputs (20 X 30).

So it’s difficult to evaluate the logic and help you. One little thing that’s easy to see though, is that the two Rotate components on the far right do not have their inputs set to “Degrees” so those slider values are treated as radians (57.3 degrees), which might be confusing?

Oh yes, all that coloured groups with the items were because it is supposed to be a façade that works according to radiation (high T° bends and open and lower its closed) so when I run the radiation analysis on lady bug, I didn’t know how to make it work parametrically with my personalised form so I separate it “manually” according to the results (surely was not the best way).

However I change the file and now it’s only the façade with the openings. Hope it is more understandable my idea now.

Here’s how to create an optimized facade with five different panels. Panel types and numbers are adjustable.
With the definition of this point attractor, you can easily apply the value you have for any radiation probably…

FIA (32.1 KB)