Grasshopper Kinetic Facade problem need your help

Hello guys I am having a problem with my grasshopper project. Me and my friends have an idea of a kinetic facade but we cannot “solve” the grasshopper part of our idea.
So our rendered version of our idea is the next images:

We want each random shape component of the facade to rotate around its center axis. This is our first problem.
The second part of our problem is that we cant some of the components to rotate with a different angle from the others.

This is our grasshopper try, (can’t really say why the first to lines of axis are in X shape, if you open the rhino and GH file you will notice what I am saying)

The rotate axis happening in rhino is not what we want, those are the axes we want:

(First two lines should not be connecting like this but i hope you get it what i mean. First point in top line should be with the first point in the bottom line etc)

We are not experienced in working with grasshopper, its our first serious project and we are having a lot of problems but we try to figure out how solve them. Hope you get what I am saying and you can help us somehow. Maybe our problem or our grasshopper try is not the smartest or the correct way to do it but as i said we are new to GH.
I am also going to upload the rhino and GH files below. (23.0 KB) TSAG 3D.3dm (2.9 MB)

Thank you for your time.

Are you Greek? (that name or yours).

Get the attached as an entry level start and a proper full version (with profiles, axis, solids, cats and dogs) would be available soon. (14.1 KB)

BTW what is your main AEC software? (Revit, AECOSim etc etc). Are you in the BIM thingy?

Hello and thank you for your reply, yes I am greek.
Sorry for saying, but I don’t understand what did you ask me. What do you mean by AEC and BIM thingy?
And what is this file you uploaded?
Sorry again and thanks for your reply-help. Have a nice day.

Hmm … that is the 1M question:

it’s a GH def that does variable rotation(s) to a grid of 2d “panels” (acc to the distance between a given attractor pt and the center of the panel). If you move around the attractor you’ll spot the panels responding accordingly.

So if you have some sort of kinetic installation in mind … blah, blah,

With regard BIM/AEC … hmm … forget these: I was left with the impression that you are an Architect (or a student).

A simple and elegant solution to their “problem”. (34.5 KB)


You could be more polite, not everyone knows something from the start.:confused:

Thank you very much, this is very close to what we were thinking.
I will check the gh file and let you know.

@Rickson wasn’t replying or referring to you.