Changing pore measurements in a cube

I’m having difficulty changing the pore measurements of a scaffold - cube, can someone call me privately so they can help me?

That’s not how this works. Hire someone if you want private consulting.

I’m new here, I understand, thank you.

To how many people did you send private messages with the same question?

Next time you do this please create a topic and then if really necessary share a link to the topic in a message.

This way in the worst case two users respond with the same reply of course maybe quicker results for you but again this is not really how things work here…

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It would be this 3D modeling, I’m new to Softawe and I recently discovered, I would like to create two pieces measuring 10mm 3, and with different pores in each of them, one with more closed pores and the other with more open pores, but I’m not succeeding. After that I will print them. The pores for one piece would be close to 10 to 50 microns and 100 to 300 nm and the other piece would have pores of 200 to 600 microns. (12.1 KB)