Changing line weight of hatches cause black blocks to appear when save as pdf?

Hi .

Changing line weight of hatches cause black blocks to appear when save as pdf ?

Set it back to default and is fine.

Any ideas ?



How are you “Changing line weight of hatches?”

Hi Glenn - so far this works here - but there could be any number of variables - can you post a simple example file or send to


Click on the hatch, go to object properties and change it in print width.

Hi Pascal,

Been driving me crazy for a while and then realised what was happening today because it is such a simple layout with only two hatches.





Is that the LAYER/OBJECT print width?

I am not seeing any change for the hatch on mine.

It is possible you have set a line width large?

I made a PDF from your file and had no problem.

If I view your PDF in PREVIEW it looks like my own PDF.
If I view your PDF in the current version of ACROBAT READER I get the big black thing.
If I view your PDF in my olde version of ACROBAT Pro it looks fine.

If I hide the Make2D layers and create a PDF it looks fine.
If I change the line width to .13 in the Make2d Layer and create a PDF it looks fine.

So either Rhino is creating some nonstandard PDF when the the line width is .25 that Preview and olde versions of Acrobat are not choking on or the current Acrobat reader is doing something funky with them.

The workaround appears to be to make the line width smaller.

Hi Glenn - can you run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results here?

Hatch Test For Forum.txt (3.5 KB)

Here you are Pascal.

This seem’s to happen more if I am in arctic or rendered mode when I have models behind the make 2d for shading. Not sure if that is coincidence or not.

Could it be a graphics card issue as I am unable to use clipping planes at the moment as the display goes crazy. Started looking in to that on the forums and seems to be driver related but haven’t had a chance to put anything up.

Might put it in to this thread later to start a new one ?





Graphics card ! Not driver ! Sorry it’s early here and I haven’t had a coffee.

Hey Miano.

I get the same thing happening with the black squares in my preview as well. I can’t go with smaller line width as I have to issue drawings that are readable so my workaround is to create the hatch as arrayed curves, trim them out to get the same look and then adjust the line weight.

It’s just that on a large drawing it can get a bit dull.



HI Pascal. I posted the results. you find anything ?