Changing language settings from Japanese to English

Hi. I’ve just installed Rhino for windows. It opens in Japanese. I’m completely new to Rhino - and dont speak Japanese :stuck_out_tongue: How can I change this setting? Should I uninstall and reinstall the program? I’m pretty certain I choose English as the language setting.

Is this after installing the latest service release from the McNeel website?
There were reports of such in earlier versions but that has been fixed.

I think it must have been. I installed the trial for 90 days which suits windows with 64 bit.

One sure way to find out, I guess:
What is the name of the downloaded file?

It’s: rh50_en-us_5.11.50226.17195.exe

OK, that is the correct one.
I just check the status of the bug that I mentioned before and it appears that it is still open.

Have you tried uninstalling and installing again?
Also try to run the installer as administrator!

More information about this issue is here:

Reinstalling the program fixed the issue. Thanks :smile:

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