Purge / replace image not working

I started a file and brought in an image with PictureFrame. I then made changes to the image in PS and then tried to update the picture frame image through the material editor, NO DICE. Even in the Finder preview is the new image, before accepting the new image.
I have tried the TestPurgeBitmapTable command, nothing changes.
I have tried closing file and reopening the file. I have not restarted Rhino, yet.

Her is old picture frame and new one at bottom while choosing the image within the PictueFrame command.

ideas on how to update image

I see this on my machine. Logged in MR-2349.

Hi @dan , getting a variation on this theme today. I started a file yesterday and brought in an image. This morning I realized I used the wrong image so I got the new one, but kept the same name as the old image. When I ran picture frame again it kept using the old image. I tried deleting the custom PF material, but no change.

I see the logged info & comment from Jeff LaSor, "This is a caching issue. There is no way for Rhino to know that the file on disk has changed. WinRhino does this correctly because file and folder watchers are created that listen for changes on specific files and then invalidates them so Rhino will reload them.

I don’t know how to implement a similar mechanism on OS X."

So I don’t know if this is part of that issue. If I change the file name, all is OK. Just so you know, the rhino file was not closed between yesterday and today.


It certainly sounds like it. Yes, this bug persists. I guess the part we need to surface here is what is in the report, so I’ll just bold what you said one more time as a temporary work-around:

If I change the file name, all is OK.

Thanks Randy!

This issue - well, with Picture; not PictureFrame - is fixed in Rhino 6 for Mac SR17 Release Candidate 1.

@dan better late than never LOL

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:laughing: sometimes issues are waaaaaaaaay more complicated that anyone would expect. But Discourse’s interface does seem to be mocking us when it says “3 YEARS LATER” …

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