Changing Grid Line Count: Default settting when new files opened


Is there a way to change the Grid Line Count setting from default 70 to 300 or so?
Other than using templates?

Also if possible to export the setting to another Rhino?

grid dimensions are always bound to the template, so there cant be a default setting logically. an idea would be, which would set any model or space you open to 300 regardless what grid size it uses. you can try to make a command with a macro implying the Grid command and place it in the list which runs automatically every time you open a new file.

Is there place I can look for details of macro commands?
I only know just to get it from the history of actions above the command prompt.
If there’s list of hidden macros like menu items that’ll be great to learn.
I seem to ask ask about that kind of things often…

Thank you for the tip on running macro upon loading, I totally forgot about that.

how to create a new command you know i guess, about getting the macros right is a bit trickier and not very consistent since the commands where done by different people meaning that they need to be addressed slightly different.

this one from the docs is the most elaborated i found but i am not sure if it helps for all cases
here some general stuff from wiki

this one should be easy to handle, i am not a good macro scripter but would be interested :slight_smile: maybe i see into it if i get it working. but i suggest you start somewhere and if it does not succeed there are a bunch of people you can call out for who should know how to handle it, like Helvetosaur or clement, but sure also pascal etc.

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