V7 Large Objects Template change

Hey there, just giving some feedback about new changes on V7.

I noticed that the Default Templates for Large Objects changed, with larger grids but also some changes on the grid spacing and the Grid Snap.

As anyone can adjust their templates to their own needs, this shouldn’t be a very big thing for the regular user and it will depend on each user’s subjective opinion. Being myself a teacher, as I’m dealing with defaults most of the time this may be of more importance in my case.

As for the larger grid, I think it is actually a really good change on both Small (200 now) and Large (500 now) Objects. The only thing I find counter intuitive is that the “Minor grid line spacing” is set to 10 units while the Grid Snap spacing is set to 1 unit, so therefore you loose some of the reference that the grid used to give in combination with the Grid Snap.

In my personal opinion (which is totally subjective of course), “Minor grid line spacing” should have stayed the way it was, with a default of 1 unit like the grid snap. Or at least, the Grid Snap should now be set to 10 so it matches the minor grid line spacing (not of my preference but may better than today’s default).

EDIT: I checked on some Template Files and I only see this change in Large Objects - Centimeters and in Large Objects - Millimiters.

Thread is open so anyone can post their personal opinion on this subject :slight_smile: