Changing dimension text size does not work

When I go to edit my dimension style it is absolutely impossible to change the size of the text. No matter what parameter I change, the size of the text will stay exactly the same.

What can I do to change the dimension text size, because I simply do not understand what I’m doing wrong.

Does this problem occur in model space or a layout? Could you please post part of your file with the problematic dimension so we can try to replicate your problem? It might have something to do with property overrides or scaling.

Also, please mention which version of Rhino you are using when you want help or report a bug.

Hi Luc - it is pretty easy to change the dimstyle for a style that is not the one that applies to the dims you’re looking at… Make sure you know what dimstyle is in use.


OK, for some weird reason it now works just fine.

Problem solved I suppose.