Argh! A bug in making a basic line in the new version

The new version, just downloaded, does the same thing on two different computers with two different downloads. When creating a simple straight line it cannot be completed. The return key does not stop the line. Therefore I cannot use this new version. Luckily I didn’t delete the previous version.

Same problem, but I deleted the old version. Is there any way to retrieve it?

I think it can be downloaded from the site. If not, I could probably gmail it to you.

the rhinoceros_wip_20131031.dmg might still be in your downloads folder. That is the correct one.

What version do you have the problem with?

Use space bar instead of Return seems to solve the problem for other users with same problem. See elsewhere in this forum.

Thanks a bunch. It was in my Downloads folder. All working well now.


Thanks. Using the spacebar works. It would be nice if you folks at McNeel told us about basic changes in commands and keystrokes so that we don’t have to spin our wheels trying to find answers. I have used OSX for years, and the return key has always been the method of completing lines.

It will be back - if you read the other posts in and around the same subject the last few days, there have been a lot of problems adapting Rhino to OSX Mavericks, and one of the changes made in the attempt to do so obviously broke the return key functionality for some… This is BETA software…


I’m not sure it’s a feature, to be honest… might be a good old bug

HI All, I am new to Rhino and watching the tutorials on Lynda. I cannot get fillets to work I am doing everything the same as the video, but it still won’t work. Is there a bug or am I making a simple mistake?? Thanks!

You’re “piggy-backing” onto an unrelated message. Please don’t do that.
Start a new message with a descriptive subject, a complete description of the problem and what you’re trying to do, and attach your 3DM file so we can have a look.