Change Work Session Reference Name

Hello is there a way to change the work session reference name appearing in the list of layers?

i.e. [Work Session Reference 01]

Hi Vanessa - not that I know of - this always shows the attached file name.


I am not seeing the attached file name, I see the layer created as “[Work Session Reference 01]”

I wrote McNeel Support earlier today with the following:

I am starting to work with Worksessions since our composite Office Tower & Parking Structure Rhino model is over ~1.5GB in size and difficult to manage. I split up the model and added the references to a main Worksession model: Arch Parking, Arch Core, Arch Tower, Mech, Elec, Plbg. The issue I have is that I am not able to figure out how to change the greyed out [Work Session Reference 01] layer name to something else, at the very least it could be the name of the file that is referenced. Since I have so many layers in the separate files, I like to work with collapsed the layers and it gets difficult to remember which reference is which. Please let me know if there is a way to change the reference name.

A turnaround that I have at the moment is to make a distinguishing parent layer for the reference, but the issue is that when I update the reference, the reference is kicked out of the layer. Very odd.

Hmmm - so far I cannot get my layers to look like this - I only see the file names - are the attached files 3dm files? (should not matter but…)


Yes they are ~.3dm

Hi Vanessa - is this the case with all worksessions? If so, can you please make a simple worksession, with just a box or something in the files, save the worksession and then zip up all the files and the rws file so we can take a look? The developer was mystified as well but just asked me to make sure you are running the most recent service release of Rhino (SR12 - see Help > About Rhinoceros.



It looks like the worksession files have been placed under different layers. Is this deliberate? I don’t think it is necessary or desirable.

Hi Pascal, I’ve been running SR12, Rhino’s all updated.

I went back and forth testing worksessions and saving files both on my local drive and on the server. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not an issue with the file location, but rather the complexity of the file [possibly]. For example, I created simple files as you suggested, a simple box, pyramid and sphere, and saved them as separate files. I created a new worksession and started to add the simple files, and then the ‘heavier’ architectural files, and found that the layer created for the simple files matched the file name, while the layer created for the ‘heavier’ files showed [Work Session Reference 01]. Also, mystified.

I am sending you the worksession and referenced files for your review. Many thanks for taking a look.

It was deliberate because I could’t keep track of which worksession was which without having to expand the layers. I’ve since figured this is no bueno – when I reopen the worksession file, the referenced files are kicked out of the parent folders I created.

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OK so after all that I had a moment of clarity – the use of parenthesis in the reference name is the cause of the layer name change. The ‘heaviness’ of the file is not significant. I am going to rename all the files without parenthesis moving forward. :confused:

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