Cannot change Layer on Reference Layer


I’m getting this Error Message when attaching a model to another model in a worksession.
It seems to be some kind of loop. If I click it, it pop’s up again. So far, only terminating Rhino “solved” the Problem.


  • What causes this issue?
  • How can I resolve it?



  • Martin

Hi Martin - this comes up while attaching the model? Are there linked blocks in the models?


Hi Pascal,

sorry for the late answer. There are linked and embedded Links in both models.

  • Martin

Hi Martin - please send us a (simple, if possible) set up that we can test to reproduce the problem. Please send the files to or, if large, upload to, Please include a link back to this topic in your comments. I suspect there are links pointing at files that are already linked or included in one of the other worksession attachments, or something along those lines.