Change resolution for screen captures

I’m trying to get high quality prints of some z buffers. The native resolution of the screen capture is too low for my needs.
Is there any way to increase the resolution of this output?
Thank you for any insights.

Try the scriptable version of the command by preceding the command name with a hyphen:

There is a command line option top set the resolution.

Great! Thanks. I’ll work with that.
So I use the -ViewCaptureToClipboard, make the desired settings, then ScreenCapturetoClipboard and the image is made to those settings?

Both commands:
have the command line resolution setting.
The difference is the first creates a file while the second placed the image on the Windows Clipboard so you can Paste it into something else.

Got it. Thanks.

Hmm… I’m on my phone now and don’t feel like digging a whole lot…
In RH5 for sure, you will run into tiling problems getting out a z-buffer in higher resolutions. I think this has been fixed in the RH6 WIP but I’m not totally sure…

I think I’m seeing that. Different tile patterns at different resolutions.
I don’t see how to attach jpgs.

So I need to download the RH6 WIP to solve this?

You can also try the Print command and choose the Image file “printer”.
It’s not a screencapture but it may result in what you’re after with less messing around.

Thank you. Good suggestion.
Solves some but not all tiling.
I should be able to get what I need one way or another.
Many thanks.

That was what I expected, but my quick test did not show it in V5.


I can’t see any option to adjust resolution when I run this command ?
-screencapturetofile just prompts for a file name
I also read somewhere that the resolution set in the render pane also impacts… but I can’t seem to generate a file bigger than 256kb (i.e. shit quality)

Hi Bill -

Use ViewCaptureToFile.

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ah perfect. thank you