Screen garbage in ViewCapture command

I cant get the ViewCaptureTofile (or to clipboard) to save a clean image when in ‘Rendered’ display mode. It works fine with any other display mode …
Is this a known issue ?

Hi Juan - not known to me… what does Options > View > OpenGL page tell you about the video drivers? Can you take a screen shot of that and post it?



Here it is …

Hi Juan - Thanks - Actually this might be known - the tiling problem - is this a larger than the viewport screen capture, or straight viewport size? You might try the V6/WIP as well and see if it is any better - it should be…
Does Printing work or is there a similar problem?


It’s largen than screensize but only happens in display modes where the materials are used for color like ‘rendered’ ad any other custom ones that I made. Its fine with shaded, wireframe etc.
I don’t print from Rino so I don’t know.
I’ll check wip6. Thanks

I tried in WIP6 and the same problem is still there. Although I like the new dialog window for the command …
It happens only when transparent background is selected, the alpha channel gets tiled and it changes depending on if the viewport is maximized or part of a multiview set.
See the original and captured images (viewport maximized):

Hi Juan - I see problems with transparent backgrounds in V6/WIP view captures - thanks, I’ll get these on the pile.

(But I do not see the same junk as you do)


Glad to help. Thanks Pascal.