ViewCaptureToFile / ScreenCaptureToFile mismatch



Hi all,

I’ve created a custom display mode, which also looks like this in my viewport:

The output I get by performing “ViewCaptureToFile” is somehow different, much darker:

By doing ScreenCaptureToFile, the result is however accurate:

Can somebody explain me why that difference occurs? Am I putting some settings wrong? Does this have to deal with shading/lighting/environnements stuff? I’m pretty confused about all possible Display Modes options…

Many thanks in advance!


If you post your file it would probably help the big brains diagnose the issue.


Hi, makes sense…

Please find attached the sample file + display mode export:

ViewCaptureToFile_issue.3dm (296.0 KB)
Pen_PRINT.ini (11.4 KB)


@nathanletwory, @stevebaer. Are you the people to whose attention this should be brought ?

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #6

@AlW this topic is already assigned to @jeff


OK. Sorry.