Macro to toggle model space scaling?

i’m not seeing any access to set model space scaling, i could create a different dim style but i’d rather not. thank you

Hi -

At this point, the only option that you have access to from the command-line is enabling or disabling the model (and layout) space scaling. I’ve put your feature request on the list as RH-62981.

how do i do that? ty

Hi -
To toggle the model space scaling for the current annotation style, run:

-DocumentProperties AnnotationStyles ModelSpaceScaling enterend


awesome, suprised i couldn’t find it.

one oddity, after it is run i need to rotate/change the viewport for the change to show. is there a refresh or something i could add to the end? thank you!

Always something : )
I’ve put that on the list as RH-62984.

You can use this one for the time being:

-DocumentProperties AnnotationStyles ModelSpaceScaling enterend undoview redoview