Change in activation of viewport behaviour?

Is my memory failing me, or did it used to be the case that a viewport became active if the mouse pointer was in it and you zoomed with the mouse scroll wheel? In my current model, it doesn’t. V5, latest service release.

I’m point editing a surface using nudge keys to match to some imported data. Standard 4 viewport layout. Leaving CP’s selected, if I switch from one viewport to another the only way I can get Rhino to change focus without de/reselecting the points is to right-click Pan. I’m sure I always used to do this by scroll-zooming but that doesn’t work.

I’ve not had cause to free form surface-model in a while. Great fun in Rhino… :smile:

IIRC, the behavior changed because of some Windows OS thing. That is, it works one way on Win 7 and another way on Win 10. It’s beyond the control of the application…

Thanks Wim. That would explain it, as I’ve not long switched from W7 to W10. Looks like I’d better get used to the new behaviour!

HI Matt - don’t get too used to it - this works as before in V6 on Windows 10.


This change of nudge behaviour in V5 is a complete PITA. Is there any chance of a SR to fix it? I’ve been caught out by it 3 times already today. It could be very costly if I’m not alert to it. I appreciate what wim says and know it’s not the fault of Rhino, but…

Glad this thread was created. I thought it was something in what I did. Once the directions are understood, will it stay that way? That is with nudge and the arrow keys. —Mark

Hi Pascal,
So you say this hasn’t been fixed for rhino 5 on windows 10 ???

I have switched now to winsows 10 but I will continue to work in rhino5. But this behavior makes me mad

Hi Tobias,
That is correct. In Rhino 5 on Win 10, a viewport doesn’t become active when only zooming with the mouse wheel. Zooming with Ctrl + RMB will make it active.