Update Property Style - Walls - Not working?

Hi there

I’m trying to create a grasshopper script for taking a bunch of walls with multiple layers and creating a generic single layer wall with the same thickness from that and then update the wall. I can’t seem to make it work? See: Create Generic Wall.gh (13.0 KB)

I’ve also tried it with Set Property instead of Update Property and I get the error code:
1. Cannot convert 'Wall Style' to valid value for property name 'style'.

Hi @rheinason,

The problem is that the Update Property component is an special component that do not perform a Bake operation. That means that any change you apply to any object needs to be using objects that already exist in the document. If you’re creating a new Wall Style, you need first to bake it, then reference it from a Wall Style Param component, and then update the wall. And I understand that this solution will not work for you.

What we We can try to make the Update Property component smart enough to Bake any required object before updating the property.


I tried this but couldn’t get this to work?

Could you provide a sample for this?

That sounds like an excellent solution. There’s also a risk of user error creating multiple copies of an identical style or something else. Perhaps it could be solved simply by creating a Bake Style or similar style component? Maybe even just a Bake VisualARQ component that can handle a multitude of cases. This would also help when creating office wide Grasshopper utility scripts that can be used by even novice grasshopper users, just press the bake button. I’ve used the Human components before for that functionality before, and something similar for VisualARQ would be great.

You’re right. Another option is take using a new feature in VisualARQ 2.6: override wall layer thicknesses per wall object. Using this new feature, you can have a pre-created single wall style shared by all these walls. The only problem is that this feature is not yet available in Grasshopper, but we can add it quickly if you need it.



I’m always up for more functionality, but for this specific usage case I’d like to keep it to Update property. What this hopefully would result in is a way of changing the level of detail for the entire model with grasshopper. So from multilayer walls, slabs and roofs into generic versions of those with correct total thickness, and then being able to switch between the two at the push of a button.

Hi @enric can you confirm that you also see the
1. Cannot convert 'Referenced Wall Style' to valid value for property name 'style'. Error message? I can’t seem to find a way of changing the style by changing the properties. So far the only successful way of creating a wall with a different style is this:

Hi @rheinason,

Yes, I get the same error. The problem is that this component is not working properly with properties that are references to other objects. We’re going to fix this for the next VisualARQ update.