How to change attributes of multiple beams or any other objects

Hi! I’m using visualarq for 20 days now
I’m trying thi sout for my architecture studio class
I’m amazed at the usefulness of this tool
but still am figuring things out

It took me couple hours to change the attributes of multiple beams and columns
lets say if i have 100 columns installed in the view and change the width of all columns there,
is there a faster method of changing the heights of all columns at once,
instead of changing each columns one at a time?

hope more updates come soon

You can change the dimensions of multiple columns at once from the Properties panel, after selecting the columns. (In tha case, the columns may have different style but should have the same type of profile):

If you need to change the attributes of columns, you better do it from the column styles dialog (vaColumnStyles, so it will affect all columns in the model using the same style.