Change default layer color?

Is there a way to change the default color for new layers?

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This can be found here option New Layers

Totally missed that. Thanks!

What about changing the default layer panel settings for opening a new document (as opposed to making a new layer in a file)? Whenever I create a new project, it opens with six layers, “Default, Layer 01… Layer 05” already created and already color coded black, red, purple, blue green and white.

First of all, I do not want multiple empty layers before I have begun to make anything, I would prefer to manually make a new layer each time the need arises than to choose an existing one, rename it and recolor it.

I need to rename it for organization, and need to recolor it because (no offense) I find them incredibly ugly and hard to look at. More substantively, I have my viewport background set to be super dark grey (for my eyes), so I need the layers to be light colors in order to see anything against the background.

I realize that I can fix this by deleting the layers, but, it is very annoying to delete or rename/recolor all the layers each time I make a new file. Given how much customization IS possible already, I am hoping that there is a way to change this, but I have not found any evidence.

There is. Set up a new blank file with the layers as you want - names, colors, materials, linetypes, etc. Then save it as a template (File menu). Then set Rhino to use that template when it starts (via Options/Preferences).

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Which preference would that be Mitch, I have searched but not found it.

P.S. I found it. You have to select the new template once in the startup screen, then the option to select it as default will be shown.