Set default layer color on the 'default layer'

Hi everyone,

How do I change the default color for the ‘default layer’ permanently? I changed my the appearance of most of my UI to dark gray so I have to set the default layer color to white for it to pop out. The problem is every time I reopen Rhino, the color resets to black.

This is the same problem I have for Grasshopper (i.e. Display > Preview settings). Whenever I restart GH, the changes I made would reset.

Is there any way to make them permanent? Thanks.

If you open Rhino with a template, you can change the default layer color in the template to whatever you want and then save the template.

To set the default new layer color: go to Options > Appearance > Colors > NewLayer

HTH, --Mitch


My only problem now is the bright UI of GH but I guess that’s impossible to change… Or can it be changed? (only for the Ribbon and the Plugins bar since I’ve already changed the background for GH)