Default Layer colors , new layer colors and preset palette

I have a suggestion for layer colors.

  • By default when we create a new layer it takes the Blue in my case. We all work with multiple layers and sublayers and with all different colors so it makes an easy workflow.


  • Rhino can have a feature that every new layer takes a different color automatically.
  • to enhance further we can have a color palette that is preset based on individual preferences. And every new layer will have a color out of that preset assigned color palette.

I tried making a script and run which works. However I though to have this feature inbuilt in Rhino would be useful for many.

that would be great, meanwhile this might help you New Layer with random color - #20 by dale

Thank you nachetz. It works. I have also made one script that works. I wish Rhino can have this feature integrated with customizable color palette. It is very irritating to go and change color every time you create one layer.