Rhino 5, 6, 7 change Layers panel background colour

How to change the white colour?

Hi -

In Rhino 7, you could try to play around with the ‚Äúcolorscheme‚ÄĚ plug-in.
Run PackageManager and search for ‚Äúcolorscheme‚ÄĚ.

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Thank you, Wim
I did use PackageManager, downloaded the plugin (+ ColorPicker as well)
restarted Rhino, entered SetColorScheme, Dark… could change the default dark background and accent colour, but did not and it worked perfectly!

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Additional info if necessary:

It is not possible to change the panel white background in V5 and 6 - only V7
The specific setting that controls the layer panel background color is this one:



Great, Halvetosaur! Good one. Took me a long time to find it, good catch!
Yes, using it and testing Rhino 7 now…

I tried the SetColorScheme. It turned my command prompt text and background white, so I could not see anything in the command prompt.

how did you do that?

Hi Cassandra -

Do what, specifically?
Have you done this:


This UI options color only allows you to change between black and white :rofl:

I thought the same. I then attempted to adjust the alpha channel, then it started to work.

I had to adjust the transparency slider to get this to work.