Variable fillet/edge/chamfer surface defect: it's bug?

Strange behavior of the “Variable fillet / blend / chamfer surface” command when the surface is a patch (example on the right): Incorrect, the command does not seem to work.
The example on the left instead works, everything is correct.
Variable fillet_edge_chamfer srf incorrect_ bug.3dm (312.7 KB)

(Rhino 6 - SR3)

Hello - I don’t know - I went back to the input object, which it would be great if you could provide by the way rather than just the result - it worked fine here. In any case, as always with your reports please test with a model made at tolerances between .01 and .000001 before you get too excited. Thank you.

Once again -


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I do not know, the file was transmitted to me, I can not play it … I was told that it does not work correctly even with a tolerance of 0.01 … I do not know what to say

With the version 6.4 10-4-2018 variable edge fillet is Ok see the attached file.
Variable fillet_edge_chamfer srf incorrect_ bug_Ok.3dm (301.8 KB)

Thanks Vittorio for your kindness. :wink:

Unfortunately I can not verify personally … so with version 6.3 you can confirm that the problem exists, I do not think it’s just a question of tolerance … I do not know…