Variable fillet/blend/chamfer srf incorrect. BUG

(Rhino 6.2)
Variable Fillet/blend/chamfer surface error. (fillet srf command works, variable, no).
extend srf incorrect.3dm (170.8 KB)

hmmm…woking well here… fillet surface, variable fillet, variable blend, and chamfers from radius from .5 to 3

this looks like a render mesh setting- can you try to change your render mesh from slow and jagged to smoother and slower? does that help?

Hello - Please adjust the file tolerance to .001 and try again.


I tried to change tolerance, to adjust the mesh: nothing to do! I do not know…
Repeat: the “Variable fillet / blend srf” command does not work.

Why do I use the “fillet srf” and “chamfer srf” commands all ok; when I use the “Variable fillet / blend / chamfer srf” commands and the result is incorrect? (the command line tells me that surfaces do not intersect).