Certain Plugins are not loading

i am an structural engineer and i am trying to establish new workflows in our company. I work with Rhino and Grasshopper for quiet a while now and was really happy when i saw that RhinoInside.Revit 1.0 released.

So these last days i played a bit around with the Plugin and i love it. I have only one problem right now: certain plugins are not loading in Rhino running inside Revit. These are enscape and the sofistik plugin (connection to the calculation software). The latter one is critical for my workflow implementations/optimizations.
Has this something to do with me not having admin rights on the computer? (software is installed and managed by it)…


_CommandHistory.txt (5.9 KB)

Looking into this, the Enscape Revit plugin is a known conflict.

Are you running both Rhino Enscape/Sofistik & Revit Enscape/Sofistik plugins?

hey, thanks for your reply.

Yes, both plugins are installed for rhino and revit. Unfortunatly it is not possible for me to remove the plugins from the addins folder of revit (to deactivate them temporarily) because of the missing admin rights to the system files.

The error message for the sofistik plugin says that the dependent dll is missing. Maybe it has something to do with how and where rhino is executed from inside revit? (relative path to the plugin folder or something)

Typically its a similar .dll, which plugin opens first wins. Which requires the developers of each to come up with a fix to the conflict.