Casement Window Custom Size

When I choose “other” under the profile flyout, no input fields for height and width arise.

This seems to be the behaviour for all windows. I"m using the current version of Va.

Hi @djhg,

Which profile is the window using? If the profile is a custom profile defined by a curve, it doesn’t have any dimensions to modify. If the window is using a parametric profile (rectangular, circular, etc), then this is a bug. Can you send me the model to



Its rectangular. Will send soon.

I’ve emailed the project file.

As you can see below, with the flyout set to “Othere” there are no input fields for the window sizes. This is true for all windows I’ve tried.

Hi @djhg,

I’ve already replied you by email.

I guess the problem is that you have the profile options collapsed. Double click on the “Profile” property label, or click on the left triangle, and all the properties will be expanded.

The expanded/collapsed state is saved in the registry, so it will be kept between sessions. You probably collapsed it by mistake.

This only happens on windows, because doors and windows are different objects, and they doesn’t share the registry settings.



THanks Enric.

I do not recall having to use an arrow to display those fields for “other” in windows. In doors they appear as soon as “Other” is selected.

Might be worth mentioning that when “Other” is selected in Door Properties sizes for a Door, the custom input fields fly out automatically (which is great), but they don’t (maybe not as great) for Window Properties for a window. This is what caught me by surprise.


As Enric said if one is open and the other closed is because you left them this way the last time you used them. The state is always saved.