Carousel System. How to set?

I’d like animate a Carousel like the one in the picture and the file in attach.

I can animate one element, but I’m struggling to animate all 8 together at the same time.
Any tutorial to read or help?


Carousel System 01.3dm (74.5 KB)

Thank you,

Hi Angelo,

Allow me a brief lesson in Simple Constraint.

In the KeyframeEditor you can find the parameter attribute of a Simple Constraint.

By default the value of zero is installed in the keyframe at tick 0, and 1 in the keyframe at the end of the animation (default 99) or vice versa (1 at keyframe zero and 0 at keyframe 99)
This value describes the position of the constraint object on the curve; zero being at the start of the curve and 1 at the end. A value in between 0 and 1 places the object relative in between start and end.

When the curve is ‘closed’ start and end coincide. You can visualize the start/end of a closed curve by using the Rhino’s ShowEnds command (mark the Closed curve seams)
The direction of a closed curve can be monitored via the ShowDir command.

When the Constraint (to Path) is installed the commandline says : ”Select curve. Pick near starting end”. Then it depends on which side you click the curve whether the parameters are set 0 to 1 or 10 to 0. In your model you apparently click closer to the end.

But now… the constraint parameters in the KeyframeEditor can be edited. Please observe this model Angelo.3dm (46.6 KB) (It’s WIP 7).

  • Object 0 (the red circle) with parameters 0 and 1 behaves by default (the direction of the circle path is clockwise, the start/end is at 3 o’clock).
  • For object 1 (the blue circle) the parameters of keyframe 99 is set to 2. This makes it go round twice – a nice extra for closed curves.
  • Finally Object 2 (in green) is an example on how you can run your carousel. The parameters ranges from 0.25 to 1.25. Hence the object is shifted a quarter circle ahead of the red object 0.

I leave the mathematics necessary for your carrousel barges to yourself.