Might be a simple question (moving/transformation of objects)

hello there,

i got a simple question, for example: let´s draw a straight circle at x:10;y:10; z:10
is it possible to change position to x:0; y:0; z:0 by numerical input ? i dont wanna use osnap or gridsnap…
i am a 3dsmax user and got used too much to the transformation toolbar, is there any similar option to this in rhino 5 ? thx in advance…


Hi Marcel,
Did you mean a way other than command line _Move, input 10,10,10 as point to move from, input 0,0,0 as point to move to?

hi seth, this one helped me out, i am now able by using the osnap function to determine the center of the circle, then to use, as you mentioned, the input command with 0,0,0 to get it centered. works fine, but what would be if you have a second object (curve), x and y axis are fine in position, but you want to match the z axis according to the circle, is there no way of using property values to get the desired results ?


Marcel, try out the command boxedit.

@carvecream, u are genius, thank you :slight_smile:

@MarcelSaal you’re welcome! boxedit is sweet right? Hopefully more features coming for future version.

ok carvecream, maybe i got another one for you, boxedit is fine so far, but i was wondering if i could alter the position of single points by numerical values, example: you draw a simple line, you got a start and an endpoint, both have same z-value, you make a copy of that line, adjust one point in height, is there an opportunity to go into editable point mode, pick up the z-value and pasting it onto the other one by not using osnap ?


I’m curious about this myself, if there is a way to use only numerical values, but the way I tend to do this kind of editing by point is to use _SetPt

This allows you to constrain the movement by x-, y-, or z-axis, and it’s super helpful if you need to grab a load of points all at once and align them to the same value.

oh marcel why did you have to make me miss my acad days… all those nice little property values all sitting there just waiting to be clicked on and messed with…
alas, no such joy over here in Rhino land that lets you set line endpoints with the boxedit. Maybe someday it will come hint hint @pascal :smile:
like seth said, Setpt is the quickest non scripted method I’m aware of for matching things like that. Remember you don’t have to click a point when you use it, you can just paste in a value.