Can't use QuadRemesh 'Use Surface Edges' option

Hi there

I want to use the ‘Use Surface Edges’ dropdown in a QuadRemesh, but the dropdown is greyed out and can’t be clicked. I’ve checked and unchecked all the boxes but it never becomes active…

Anybody know why this could be? The answer is probably embarrassingly simple, but I’ve been pulling my hair out for about an hour!


Is your object a mesh?

Yes it is

there are no “surface edges” in a mesh, because it is not a surface… :wink:

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Well there you go. A mesh is not a surface, thus I’d say no surface edges to choose from.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh okay so it literally refers to surfaces as in the objects- not as in the individual faces of the Mesh? I see.

I knew it would be embarrassing…

Thanks, guys!


Use Surface Edges just creates Guide Curves for you automatically based on your input surfaces edge boundaries.

If you’re starting with a mesh, you can still use guides, you’ll just need to pass in some curves that reside along the edges or faces that you’re interested in following, or you can pick the edges directly when prompted to select curves for the guides.

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