BUG scaled to fit and set window wrong scale


I have reported this before. It is still just a silly bug.

Despite Rhino 8 supposed rewrite of print dialog it did not resolve it.

-Draw a rectangle 210*297mm (a4 format)
-ctrl P
-set a4 print format
-set printing area by set window and select corners of the rectangle
-set margins to 0
-set scale to scale to fit

Reported scale is not exactly 1:1 and logically must be.

Please rectify this apparently wrong behaviour.


Hi Ivan - presumably it is fitting to ‘printable’ area. Not sure this is what I would call a bug.


printable area is 210x297mm because it is a4 format and margins are set to 0, scale must be printablea area / rectangle size = 1,0…0

Hello Pascal,

I dont understand how you dont seem to see the apparent problem.
I did the same thing in autocad (draw a4 rectangle and print the rectangle on a4 size format) and it correctly reports exactly 1:1 scale (model to print)

In rhino the scale is 99,81% which is roughly 0,2% off. There is nothing ambiguous about this and should be exactly 100%.

It is very important to trust the software. When software reports 297/297 is not 1 but 0,9981 something is wrong and you should try to find why that is.

I recently used print to export an svg and I remember thinking that there was something broken about scale to fit. I don’t remember specifics though.

Getting the scale right took a long time and often the preview would disappear completely. I figuered that I could use export as dxf instead, since I needed it in affinity and the dxf import works perfectly there.

I don’t remember having such issues with rh7.

any explanation about this?

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