Can't save PDF by Export or save as PDF via Printing

Can’t save PDF by Export or save as PDF via Printing… Have to open in preview and even then it crashes!


Please can there be a solution to saving as PDF via printing and exporting. It some times works but most of the time when I go to save as a PDF it cashes… I have to flick between saving via printing or exporting or opening in preview… so it takes me 4 or plus to save a simple drawing as a PDF… When I had Rhino 7 as a free trial this never happened… I have just recently paid for it and its now doing this. PLEASE someone help as this is so basic and a must.

Thank you!

Hi Philippa -

On macOS, please only use Export to create PDF files.

Is this a specific file that crashes all of the time and others don’t, or all files some of the time, or…?
When you create a simple box in a new file and export that to PDF, does that crash?

The evaluation version is identical to the commercial version but perhaps you used a different Service Release? Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.

As stated previously, don’t use export; use PRINT.

On the print options be sure to set VECTOR output. The default is RASTER and it resets every time you restart Rhino.

Well… the other way around.
If you insist on using PRINT, please contact Apple for support when things don’t work…

I’m having the exact same issue but on Windows.
Everytime I try to save a PDF, the program crashes.
I’ve tried using Print, Save As, and Export (even export selected), I can set the layout and everything but when the second I save the program stops responding and crashes.

It is weird because I’ve tried doing that in a file and printing some elements work, but when there are too many lines or hatches it crashes.
It happens regardless of being saved on vector or raster output.

If anyone can help this is a big problem to me.