Can't reinstall Rhino 7 after computer repair

I am trying to reinstall Rhino 7 after my laptop was repaired and had the motherboard and SSD changed. I get an error saying the license is in use by LAPTOP-NAME* which is the same laptop I am trying to install it to. I suspect it has to do with the change in the laptop parts? How can this be fixed? I wrote to support and also left a phone message but maybe won’t hear from them for a few days since it’s a long weekend. Anyone knows how this can be fixed, please? Thank you in advance for any insights. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you weren’t able to successfully remove the license from the computer before the repairs, McNeel will be the only ones who can fix this - their validation system still thinks the license is installed on the “old” machine (before the repair) and the repaired machine looks like a new one to the system. McNeel can clear that for you - if you wrote an e-mail to support that is as much as you can do here, I think.

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Thank you for your help! I wrote them a message and hopefully this will get resolved soon.