Can't register trial license

I tried to register with a trial license, but it says that it has already been used, so it cannot be registered or run. What should I do?

The trial license isn’t intended to be used repeatedly, if you like using Rhino please purchase a license.


Your one free 90-day evaluation expired on 5 November.
I see you have attempted to get another using 3 different email addresses.
That loophole was recently blocked.
It seems that the Honor System is not good enough to keep people honest.

I invite you to purchase a permanent license at:

If you’re a student or faculty, then use the Students and Faculty tab for reduced pricing and proof of EDU status requirements. EDU licenses are permanent, have no maintenance fees, and can be used for commercial work when you leave school. EDU licenses are 80% off compared to a Commercial license.

If you do not buy a license now and need one after you are no longer a student, it will cost $1,000.

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I’ve been trying to register with a trial license, but I haven’t receive any. I just register to Rhino

Hi -

I see that you have created a Rhino Account but don’t see any sign of you having downloaded Rhino from Rhino - Downloads with the eMail address that you use here on Discourse.
You’ll have to download the evaluation version to receive a key.

Honeslty 99% of people using the free licence are broke students just trying to make it thru the semester. You should make the software free for students like Autodesk and stop beign so arrogant. Shame on you.


Yes they are, and I’m sure not interested in hiring people who don’t grasp the concept of “intellectual property.”

There ARE free options available, so there’s no excuse for stealing software today. The student version of Rhino is the price of one textbook or one night partying, and your schools can actually get it to you even EVEN CHEAPER, so ask them why they aren’t doing that.

Autodesk doesn’t offer free software to students, and McNeel doesn’t have a student discount for that matter, out of the goodness of their heart, it’s a greedy Capitalist scheme to get you “locked in” at an early age, I would think you would want to not fall for that.



Either @lisa3 is a ‘bot’ or just another iteration of user @Rhino_Shouldbefree… one time account creation just to post this.

With all respect, Autodesk does offer AutoCAD, 3DSmax, and Revit to students for free, because they want to help the Engineers and architects of tomorrow to succeed and because they want us to use their softwares when we start working in the industry. Also, students are not using Rhino to make a profit (like yourself) so no need to be so arrogant “Jim”. We actually raised the idea of moving to Revit for all of the assignments here in Ottawa because it’s better for the students and Autodesk is actually interested to work with students, so I guess Rhino is irrelevant for us now…


What? People are not allowed to have opinions here?

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Sure, if you read anything else in here you can see that people express their opinions quite freely. However on this particular issue, the discussion is pointless because the questions and answers have already been covered dozens of times in other threads. And to start out your first post in this forum a minute after registering by accusing people of being arrogant and suggesting that McNeel should be like Autodesk will not get you a lot of ‘likes’ in here.


Autodesk’s “free to students” is a good deal except you don’t really own anything.

Your own personal copy of Rhino is not only 80% off the commercial price, you can and are encouraged to use it for commercial work when you leave school, and it is a permanent license. I don’t think any Autodesk software can be purchased now. It’s all by subscription. That’s their business model.
The Autodesk software can not be used for commercial work. Rhino can.
How much of a good deal is it really?


You might also want to read this:

Uh that’s what I said. It’s a marketing ploy. And you’re talking like you’re from AutoDesk sales.

to be honest, the deal does not sound so good if you do this out of marketing strategic interest, baiting students and institutions with this seductive offer, to get them hooked into using it is a small fee for what the gain from it.

as jim states

i totally agree

still something which mcneel could actually be thinking about either and yes that should make it free for students which are on a budget. the offer for a reduced price for students is very nice on the other side i myself took this offer and i am very thankful for it, but i can understand that there are students which do not even manage to afford that tiny amount, no joke and i completely despise the american system for this, pulling high student fees out of your mouth not substituting the intellect and the potential of the people while taking you doggy style with high double triple and quadruple taxes (ok taxes are nasty almost everywhere). also the prices are high enough in america additionally.

education in austria is for the most part free yes also university unless you join private schools. here they seem to value the future potential of the people rather than letting everybody pay and fight with elbow, knuckles and feet.

Yeah, I was wondering if that was actually the case…

Thank you for the info! I will check with my school if they offer the Cloud Zoo! Before covid we used to have rhino5 and 6 on the computers in the labs however since everything moved online our profs started telling us to download and re-download the trial version. I think they were under the impression that McNeel had this feature available for the students to compete with Revit.

Well yes, it is a marketing ploy but in the end, it’s a good business decision because the students tend to stick with the softwares they learn in school. I understand the argument that the Rhino student licenses are full licences that we can keep after we graduate however this is not really a big advantage in the immediate. Most students who are living under a strict budget will tend to go for the free option even if it means they lose the license after they graduate. This is just the mentality of most students in general, please do not take it personally. Best, Lisa

i dont, i was actually talking in favour for you :slight_smile: but nvermind.

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