Can't Login to my account

Last time I used Rhino was last year, and I tried to login again but I can’t. I used my license key but it expired January 2020. I already have it downloaded and I shouldn’t need to buy it again. I don’t know what to do next.

Your login account is linked to a Google account using an edu email address, and has 2-factor Authentication turned on.
That said, the evaluation license in your account expired back in January.

You’ll need to purchase a license to run Rhino.

Hi John.
I’m wondering if you can help me, I’m also unable to login to my account. I’ve recently updated my phone used for 2-factor and didn’t know to transfer authenticator codes across so I’ve lost the 2-factor key for rhino, my new phone is not connected to the 2 factor authentication. Is there another way to verify or reset my account using a phone number?
I tried to reset the password and that worked but it didn’t have a authenticator reset option.