Rhino 7 for Mac evaluation, license not found!

Been trying everything from deleting my account, liceneses, setting up new accounts and mail accounts, nothing works!!! I allways get the same message: Rhino needs a licence to run, Rhino wil now exit.
There is also no option to enter a licence on the Mac version of Rhino.

Do anyone have any sugestions to solve this anoying problem?

Did you get a license key in your e-mail when you downloaded the evaluation version?

Yes. I did.

And if you go to Preferences>Licenses, does it let you add that license key?

No, thats the problem. If I try to open preferences the program crashes.

Hmm, that sounds more like a system or graphics card problem. Do you have the specs on your Mac? Can you post them here? Normally I would ask you to run SystemInfo in rhino to get those, however it looks like you can’t get Rhino to run long enough to do that.

Does your Mac meet these minimum requirements?

I can send you the crash report if you want. Perhaps you can read something from that.

I have Radeon Pro 570X, AMD (0x1002) VRAM 4 GB

Sure, I guess you can post it here, someone will look - also if the crash report dialog comes up, do send that in directly to McNeel.

Under the Apple menu, you should have something like “About this Mac”… There you will find the basic specs of your machine. I am not an Apple user, so I don’t know how to go further than that.

I also have 8GB of RAM, It seems to me I have the minimum requirements.

Ive also sent the report dialouge to McNeel.

Sounds like it - I assume you have Mac OS 10.14.6 or later.

You say it crashes if you go to Preferences - can you do anything else at all, like draw a line or a rectangle?

I cant do anything. When I start Rhino i get this message

OK, I guess you are going to need some more detailed/competent help from McNeel Tech support @John_Brock . It’s Sunday afternoon in Seattle, so it probably won’t happen until tomorrow…

Hi, I recon so to. Im just wondering if this is a Mac problem, I see my friend with a PC does not have this problem.
Thanks for trying to help though. :slight_smile:

No, it’s not a general Mac-related problem, there are plenty of Mac people running eval versions…