Rhino - Embedded files


Im having a problem where my rhino saves aren’t creating the usual embedded files folder when saving meaning I cant share the file with other computers without losing all my textures etc. Im using enscape textures and yes the ‘save textures’ box is ticked when I save as.

Any help much appreciated.

are you saving locally or to a cloud or external drive?

Saving to a dropbox folder, we have several desktops where I work all saving to the dropbox using rhino/enscape but only one desktop seems to have this problem.

try saving them locally and see if that helps, we often see issues with drop box and other cloud drives

Hm just tried this and still having the same problem

Try running Rhino in admin mode and then saving locally to see if the files get created.

Hmm still nothing

Hello all,

I am confronting the same issue as above. I am saving a Rhino file with the save textures & save plugin data boxes checked, but no additional folder with embedded textures & mappings is being generated. Has anyone managed to resolve that issue?

I would appreciate some help from the community.

Thank you in advance