Can't select curves after typing a command


Hi, new user here, currently on an evaluation period for
Rhino 5. I’m having a problem where after typing a command, I’m unable to
select curves. So what I’m doing is typing ‘loft’ and then attempting to ‘select
curves to loft’ but getting no responses – the curves wont select. Am I doing
something wrong? How can I get these curves to loft?

(Luis Fraguada) #2

Are the curves locked?


Also You might want to check if the Selection Filter is causing the problem


Everything is ticked in the selection filter.


Curves aren’t locked. I selected them and checked with the unlock button.


Can you select the curves before the command?

  1. Select
  2. Loft

(Brian James) #7

Also check that the Layer the curves are on is not locked. Please post the 3dm if you still have trouble.


I tried that. I select, then choose loft and it tells me to select after that.


I’ve solved the problem for myself now by re-importing my file in a different format. Thanks for your help. FYI the original was a 3DS Max file and the new (one that works) is a .dwg. Was that the cause? Anyway, I’m finished now, thank you all.

(Luis Fraguada) #10

So they were not curves to begin with?