Can't select curves after typing a command

Hi, new user here, currently on an evaluation period for
Rhino 5. I’m having a problem where after typing a command, I’m unable to
select curves. So what I’m doing is typing ‘loft’ and then attempting to ‘select
curves to loft’ but getting no responses – the curves wont select. Am I doing
something wrong? How can I get these curves to loft?

Are the curves locked?

Also You might want to check if the Selection Filter is causing the problem

Everything is ticked in the selection filter.

Curves aren’t locked. I selected them and checked with the unlock button.

Can you select the curves before the command?

  1. Select
  2. Loft

Also check that the Layer the curves are on is not locked. Please post the 3dm if you still have trouble.

I tried that. I select, then choose loft and it tells me to select after that.

I’ve solved the problem for myself now by re-importing my file in a different format. Thanks for your help. FYI the original was a 3DS Max file and the new (one that works) is a .dwg. Was that the cause? Anyway, I’m finished now, thank you all.

So they were not curves to begin with?