Why is it not lofted correctly?

Hi there ,

I’m in the process of modeling an Imac. Someone here in the forum sent me this file to help me with a problem. Now I can no longer reach him here, but I don’t understand some things in his file.

He draws the two curves with control points. Then he copies the two onto the other side. He lofted both curves on one side, then the two on the other and then tapered them? or did he lofted all 4 curves right together?

My result always looks weird.

His result:

Hello - that looks fine, just finish the job with one more loft across the open side.


Hi there,

I have to give the whole thing rounded edges. But if I loft it then the surface get strange isocurves

Hello - please see

Tapered&Filleted.3dm (204.6 KB)

But also, please see https://www.rhino3d.com/tutorials/ run through the level 1 training material at least - it is written for Windows but should be understandable for Mac. Rhino is not super simple to understand if you are starting from scratch - often there are multiple ways to get where you want to, but having a basic understanding of how it works is essential before you start asking questions.


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