Bug Loft? **

In the attached file I have two sets of curves. The blue is the original. I tried to a loft on them. It fails silently.

I exploded all the curves and rejoined them to create Red and they loft as expected.

This seemed odd to me so I share.

Problem Loft.3dm.zip (18.6 KB)

Problem Difference.3dm.zip (155.9 KB)

Related to the main topic, if you do a boolean difference of the small object from the large object, rhino says the result is a solid but it looks like caca.

total curves are 5, there is small tiny line like curve , that’s mean one of your curves is not closed that caused the problem

The bug would be that Rhino is reporting these as Closed Curves when they are open.

They are not all open , the four curves that you have are closed , but there is one small line on the curve

if you go to command and type Selopencrv Rhino will define and tells you that you have one open curve

At some point there should be an error rather than just nothing happening.

Hi John -

The command line reports:

Unable to loft - select either open or closed curves, but not both.


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Here’s what I learned. Rhino was not reporting a problem with both open or closed curves. UNTIL I rebooted.

There seems to be some stray memory issues. I generally see these with annotations.