I can't draw in Z axis, I need help with re-setting my cplane or any other advice please

I need help in my drawing currently seems like it flipped the x and z axis and now I cant draw in z axis. Please share your advice immediately. No project on snap settings.

I am attaching a snapshot here.

Hello - run the 4View command twice in a row - does that reset things the way you like?


hello Pascal, thanks for reaching out. I tried that and did not work. I spent hours on this, would you suggest other possible solutions ? :frowning:

Hello - that command should reset the perspective viewport to the World Top CPlane and resest the viewports and views. If it does not, then something else is up - what happens when you run that command, anything? You can always set a CPlane explicitly using the Cplane command > World > Top for example.
If Options > Modeling Aids page > Construction planes area, is set to Universal, set it back to Standard.


I can only draw on x axis as trying to draw in perspective view. It does not allow me to do that if I am not holding ctrl even after 4view command. It is on standard settings, and still cannot solve the problem.


For those who could take a look quickly, I have uploaded the model here. If you could share your insight, I would deeply appreciate…

The model when imported here has two viewports with Top view (parallel) and Perspective view is not in any viewport - but otherwise it is OK, using 4view twice as Pascal suggested resets the views and everything seems normal here.

Also make sure you don’t have Project activated in the Osnap bar…

Thank you so much, it works properly now. After re-setting osnap and views, I followed both of your advice on the matter, twice 4view while on 4-view viewport.