Can't download Rhino for Mac

Every time I enter my email address to get the Rhino for Mac download I get this error. I’ve tried multiple browsers and internet connections. I am on 10.9.4.

Hi Sarah - See if this link works -


@pascal nope, I’m getting the same error screen

Hmm- as far as I can see this is all up and running - I guess I would clear browser caches… any firewalls involved here?


@pascal cleared browser caches in safari, firefox, and chrome then tried again and it still didn’t work. When I switched to my phone hotspot however I was able to download it but it is going very slowly. What types of firewalls could be blocking it do you think?

I’m sorry you’re having problems.
I just went here:
Entered my email addresss
and was redirected to here:
The page was displaying my key code.
I clicked on the big, red Download Now button and the download started,

What are you doing differently?

I had the exact same problem in multiple browsers and with caches cleared. I went here: entered my email address and was redirected to here: which looked like

Any ideas?

I just got home from campus and am able to download with no problems over my home wifi connection. To see if test if this was a problem with the university’s network I initiated a VPN connection from home. Again I was able to download with no problems. While this is inconclusive, I would try connecting to a different internet connection if possible to see what happens.

Hi, The problem was on our end - we had a server that was misbehaving in the Seattle office. It has been reprimanded and promises to do better next time.

Thanks for testing it out.

@brian It works for me now on all my browsers and both networks! Even though I already got it downloaded slowly myself I was planning to teach a workshop with it and was worried about people having trouble using the link on our office network a.k.a. thank you so much!

same problem here

@brian I’m seeing the same thing from where I sit.

I get the same error message, unfortunately

I just left a message for for @brian so it should get sorted toon.

Great, thanks!

Yeah, it was working for a while this morning and then broke again. It should be working again now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

thanks for awesome support!

It’s still broken, can you wake it up again?

@brian - still not able to download Rhino for Mac. Same server error page…