Rhino 5 mac wont download

trying to download rhino 5 mac and browsers keep showing error msg, tried different browsers, different computers, and different sources of internet. Please help

Hi Kiona,

I just tested the download link http://www.rhino3d.com/download/wenatchee/5.0/wip and it works here using Safari. Can you try it again and if you still have an issue I would wonder if it may be a file format or file size limitation on the internet connections you tried. For instance if they are public wifi networks this may be the case.

Hi,I have the problem,too.Could you transmit the file to me by email?Thanks a lot.By the way,do you have solid works for mac?

My email is 1196926509@qq.com

The download for Rhino for Mac is working here and for other users. If you have an issue please check your ISP, any antivirus software or network firewall as possible causes. This is also a Rhino forum so I won’t be able to help much with finding other programs.