Why can't i download Rhino for Mac - AccessDeniedAccess Denied

AccessDeniedAccess Denied2E7ABCEDF7A08BBCsfFDsvwEadghTgoc/pRIOSwSpNKPtBtfnjYg4HOuHUxDZy47pV0/N6U/qoxnneNInIPcL3k/JpQ=

this is all I get when i click on the Link i got via email for Downloading Rhino for Mac…

Anyone who can help?

How about here:



I only get to the page where i can put in my email address…

And then i get a new link and it doesn’t work either…

Yep, you appear to have found a problem… @brian

Probably a server down somewhere… Wait awhile, someone will fix it. --Mitch

Edit @jan2 : try here: http://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino-for-mac/5/evaluation


no same error again

Hmm, that one works here for me:

(I’m on a Windows machine)

Thanks for pointing this out. The problem should be fixed in about 15 minutes.

The reason everyone is seeing different results is because the file is distributed by a content delivery network, and different servers at different locations have a different cached version of the file.

@dan FYI - the access permissions on the Rhinoceros_5.2.2.dmg file were set to not allow public downloads.

Thanks for this fix @brian! (This was definitely caused by my build hiccup yesterday…appreciate the quick fix). That CDN is unpredictable!